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Aadhar Enable Payment System

If a customer wants to make Cash Withdrawal, he/she must be an Aadhaar linked bank account holder in the first place. He/she simply has to provide the Retailer their 12-digit Aadhaar Number along with the Aadhaar linked Bank name. The retailer will help you avail of the cash withdrawal service after your Fingerprint authorization using a biometric device.
The maximum amount is limited to Rs 10,000/- per transaction. For cash withdrawal, the monthly limit is Rs 50,000 or 10 transactions, whichever is reached earlier.


The process of using the service is easy. You have to follow these steps:


Visit an our business correspondent in your area.


  • Provide the 12-digit Aadhaar number and the Bank name to the agent. (Doesn’t matter you remember your bank account number while making transactions using AEPS).

  • Select transaction type i.e. Cash Withdrawal.

  • Enter the transaction amount (as applicable)

  • Verify the transaction process using biometrics (fingerprint impression)

  • The transaction gets completed within seconds.


The bank correspondent receives a transaction receipt while the customer (you) receive an SMS confirmation from your bank.


Micro ATM


Micro ATM is an NPCI leadership model that allows customers to perform basic banking transactions using a Point of Sale (POS) device (micro-ATM) through a representative.

A micro ATM is a small machine that looks like a card swiping machine but is capable of providing basic banking facilities. Such ATMs are very beneficial where they facilitate people who cannot install normal ATMs. A micro ATM is a portable device and can be easily carried in one hand. Officials can take these machines to remote areas and provide basic banking facilities to the people there.


Micro ATM services provided:-


  • Balance inquiry

  • Cash Withdrawal

  • Cash Deposit


Mini Statement


“Mini Statement” is the service where the customers are offered a mini statement for their transactions i.e. cash withdrawals and deposits. In brief, the account holder can now check all their transactions using the Aadhaar Card. So this is a great service which can help the customers and merchants both in their special way.


Aadhaar Pay


Aadhaar Pay is one of the latest services that’s quite trending these days in the AEPS industry. It’s quite similar to AEPS however, a little more innovative. By using Aadhaar pay, a bank account holder can make a withdrawal of any amount i.e. there is no limit. Certainly, now the customer can withdraw any sum regardless of Rs 50,000 in a day. That’s the primary reason the service is quite preferred by a lot of people.